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Downloads for the Virtual Working Summit 2012

Penny Pullan

Penny Pullan: Welcome to the 2012 Virtual Working Summit

Penny Pullan PhD PMP CPF, your Summit Host, introduces this year’s Virtual Working Summit.

You can download the introduction here.

Richard Pooley

Richard Pooley: How to be a successful communicator when working virtually across borders

Richard Pooley is an expert on working internationally with the English language and how it can lead to problems across borders, especially in virtual teams. He’ll point out all sorts of mistakes we make unknowingly (some of these demonstrated by Penny, his interviewer!) He’ll show us how to overcome the pitfalls that exist for the unwary, both native and non-native English speakers.

Richard is the Managing Director of Canning International Training and Development. He has lived and worked all over the world, including countries across Africa, Middle East, North and South America, Japan and Europe. He launched Canning’s cross-cultural programmes many years ago and continues to work with a huge range clients, which include Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,
the Economist Magazine, Panasonic and Specsavers. He’s contributed to three books on cross-cultural communication and international negotiation and is a visiting Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Richard’s session lasts 44 1/2 minutes.

You can download Richard’s session here

Sanda Ionescu

Sanda Ionescu: Getting the Best out of Cross-Cultural Virtual Teams

Dr. Sanda Ionescu will help us to understand how to work effectively cross-culturally when you can’t be face to face.

Sanda is the founder of The Culture Broker, a consultancy specialising in fostering intercultural communication and cultural integration. Sanda has lived, studied and worked in nine countries, including Japan, Romania, US, Switzerland, Germany and France, and has researched in Anthropology at the Universities of Cambridge and London. She combines in-depth theoretical knowledge of cultural differences with more than twenty years of work experience. Clients include blue-chips such as Nokia, Standard Bank of South Africa, AstraZeneca, L’Oréal, Motorola and Shell.

Sanda’s session lasts just over 38 minutes.

You can download Sanda’s session here.

Dave Rolston

David Rolston: Trends in Virtual Working

David will outline his top three trends driving virtual working and will go on to talk about some of the technologies that are emerging in the near term to make us even more effective.

David has been fascinated by virtual working since his first experiences in the 1960s. Since then he has worked in a variety of roles and industries including being General Manager of divisions of three large enterprises and being CEO of three small venture-backed companies. Two of those companies produced products to support virtual work. David is currently chairman of Image Metrics, a company that is doing research related to virtual work and the use of emotions and facial images to communicate even more effectively. He blogs at WorkingNowhere.

David’s session lasts just over 42 minutes.

You can download Dave’s session here.

Penny Pullan

Penny Pullan: Adapting Risk Management for Virtual Working

Penny Pullan PhD PMP CPF, your Summit Host, gives us an overview of how we can even adapt difficult topics like risk management to work virtually. While risk workshops are often seen as tedious and dry when face to face, Penny will show us that it doesn’t have to be like that. Penny’s sessions always get positive feedback for how practical they are!

Penny is Director of Making Projects Work Ltd. and supports people who are grappling with tricky projects: be that virtual, risky, ambiguous or with complex stakeholder arrangements (or more likely, all four!) Gower published her first book last year, co authored with Ruth Murray-Webster, : ‘A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management’ which is available on, and elsewhere. Penny created the Virtual Working Summit as a result of her work with financial services, utilities, pharmaceutical and consultancy clients, as well as international charities. She saw the need for this forum and filled the gap.

Penny’s session lasts 21 and a half minutes.

You can download Penny’s session here and also a visual summary here.