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How can I find out what’s happening today?
Today’s topic and all the information on how to listen in is on today’s page of this site.

How long does each interview last?
Each interview will last between 20 and 45 minutes.

How can we interact?
During the Summit, please join in discussions around the topics and ask questions at our open LinkedIn group. You can find it here

Alternatively, you can tweet your thoughts, questions and input with Twitter, making sure you include #virtualwork in your tweet.
That’s our hash tag. To see what others are saying, search Twitter for #virtualwork and all the comments will appear. I’m @pennypullan by the way.

What time is each day’s interview?
Each summit interview will be available from 8am UK time, 3am Eastern for 23 hours. So, choose a slot in your day to suit you. We decided to do this as we have people from Australia to San Francisco taking part and there’s no one time that’s ideal for everyone. We hope you enjoy the flexibility.

How do I join in to hear the interview?

On each Summit day, you can listen in on-line.

Listen over computer: Available all day.


  • no cost to you
  • available for longer each day
  • listen when you want to during the day

Possible problems:

  • Company firewalls might get in the way. Please try it and see! For those few people affected by this, listening in at home usually gets around the problem. Alternatively, you can upgrade to receive recording.
  • If you have problems, make sure your speakers are turned on and that your volume is set above 0.
  • If you navigate away from the player page, the player will stop. For example, if you click on the menu to see the speakers’ books, the player will stop. (We’ve made sure that the links to the speaker’s website and the LinkedIn group open in new windows, so these will both work without stopping playback.)
  • If you can’t see a button with a black triangle on it, then your firewall may be blocking the player. In that case, try listening from home if you can or use the dial in option.

How can I upgrade to listen again?
You can upgrade your registration to receive the recording of each Summit session on the day so that you can listen again whenever suits you. We send out mp3 files, which you can listen to on your computer or mp3 player at any time to suit you.

You can find out more and upgrade here.

Where can I find out about the speakers’ books and resources?
Have a look at our Summit booklist.

Why are you running this Summit?
Penny Pullan has been working virtually since 2001, when the tragedy of 9/11 caused business travel at the multinational she worked for to stop completely for three months. She had to learn how to run global projects without the face to face time she’d always been used to. Penny’s a trained facilitator and project manager and is always on the lookout to find what works when working virtually and to discard what doesn’t. Now she runs a consultancy focusing on getting projects done through others, often virtually. Over the years, Penny has met experts from around the world and this Summit is her chance to introduce them and their special insights to you.

All of the speakers realise that virtual working is becoming more and more important for the world we live in and have agreed to join in to share their insights to a wide audience as part of this Summit. Thank you speakers and thank you everyone who is participating. Without all of you, there would be no Summit.

Programmes for those who would like to improve their virtual working
We provide programmes on Virtual Working for companies that need to improve the effectiveness of their people’s virtual working. The results include fewer, shorter virtual meetings with more action taken as a result and with less frustration and stress all around! Contact us for more details on +44 (0)1509 821691 or
Penny is also working with a handful of business owners who would like to use her successful telesummit model to run their own virtual conference.

Any more questions?
If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Penny Pullan, your Summit Host by e-mail or via the LinkedIn group. We’ll keep this page updated.