Join the Virtual Working Summit 2016 – the ‘Virtual Leadership’ Book Launch!

Do you need to work effectively when you can’t be face to face?

Do you want to have the satisfaction of working effectively and efficiently with remote team members? Do you want to avoid misunderstandings with your team and stop wasting time on ineffective conference calls? What about being able to do all this while keeping others interested and engaged even when they’re miles away?

Join us for the Virtual Working Summit over five days from 12-16th September 2016. Featuring short audio interviews with inspiring virtual leaders, at a time to suit you, one per day, it also gives you the chance to interact with the other participants online. This is a unique way for you to develop your skills without travelling. There is no charge to register to listen in to each speaker via the web each day. The theme for this year is ‘Virtual Leadership’ and the summit is also the online book launch for the book by Penny Pullan, your host.

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Who should attend? People who manage a team or projects across countries or continents. People who need to work across more than one site. Professionals who work with clients, or sell to them, remotely. People facing travel restrictions cuts. People who need to build trust and engage others. Teleworkers. People who need to do more with less. If that’s you, then:

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Virtual working?  It can be tough with bad lines, inaudible voices and technology that only works some of the time. On top of that, it can be really tricky to keep engaged and focused when you can’t see people’s faces and you don’t know the people on the other end of the line. And we haven’t even mentioned the misunderstandings that happen across cultures! This photo sums up what these calls can feel like:
Is this what some of your virtual meetings are like?

But it doesn’t need to be like this!

Take your virtual meetings from frustrating timewasters to effective ways to work together across the world, while saving time and money. Learn how to work with your team when you can’t be with them face to face.

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Our team of inspiring virtual leaders share their thoughts, ideas, and experience with you, so you can:

  • Learn how virtual leadership can help you to get the most out of virtual teams.
  • Find out some of the secrets of virtual working from a leader whose company provides virtual conference calls.
  • Hear the story of a millennial who has escaped the limits of her local economy by working virtually around the globe.
  • Explore ideas about succeeding across cultural divides with an inspiring business analyst from India.
  • Hear how a manager engages people around the country and beyond using virtual leadership.
  • All of these people are featured in Penny’s latest book on virtual leadership and you can put your own questions to them during the summit.

Meet the 2016 Inspiring Speakers: who we will reveal in the run up to the summit

Penny Pullan

Penny Pullan: Summmit Introduction 12th September;
Virtual Leadership 19th September

Dr Penny Pullan is your Summit Host and the author of ‘Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Making the Best of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams’, published last month by Kogan Page internationally. She will kick-off your summit on 12th September and finish the Summit on Monday 19th September with a session covering virtual leadership, from how to step up to leadership, creating high-performing virtual teams, excelling at virtual meetings, being effective between meetings and much more.

Penny has worked across industry sectors from banking and finance, through to telecoms and pharmaceuticals. She enjoys making a difference with people grappling with tricky projects. Tricky means anything from risky, with ambiguous requirements, to having disinterested stakeholders, probably with a team dispersed around the world. If that’s your world, that’s where Penny is too.
Penny is a director of, Making Projects Work Ltd, and she has hosted Virtual Summits since 2010. She is also the co-editor of the book: ‘Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing change‘ and ‘A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management’ co-authored with Ruth Murray-Webster. You can contact Penny on Twitter at @PennyPullan or by responding to the summit e-mails.

Liz Calder

Liz Calder: Virtual Working across Timezones and Cultures
12th September

Liz Calder is a very experienced Business Analyst. Her clients are primarily with companies in the science, engineering and life-science sectors. Her company, Blue Racoon, works with both Agile and traditional projects, usually bringing significant business change to large organisations. This means that Liz tends to work with cross-functional and global teams. She’s been working virtually for over fifteen years. She’ll answer your questions about working with India and the US, plus how to cope with difference from a distance. You can find Liz on Twitter at @LizCalder.

Pete Bennett

Pete Bennett: Ask the Conference Call Provider!
13th September

Pete Bennett is the founder of several companies, one of which is Buzz Conferencing, the easy-to-use free conference call company. In this session, you’ll be able to ask him about the insights that he has about how people use conference calls now and tap into his own 20 years of experience as a virtual leader.

Brian Simpson

Brian Simpson: Building a Virtual, Global Community
14th September

In this session, Brian will cover how the working environment has changed over the past decade, with locally-based project teams replaced by ones spread globally. He will share how good communications and use of technology can overcome barriers of distance.

Brian has 18 years of experience in Business Analysis and leads a team of BAs in a large financial services company. The team is based at multiple locations in the UK and India, and much of the work undertaken is carried out ‘virtually’, with the analysts often hundreds of miles apart from their customers, business stakeholders and other project team members.

Evi Prokopi

Evi Prokopi: A European millennial tapping into global opportunities
15th September

Evi Prokopi is an example of someone who has grasped the possibilities of virtual working and used them to transform her life. Evi lives in Greece, where, at the time of this summit, the economy is suffering. Evi uses virtual working to grasp opportunities not available in her own country at present. As a project management consultant, she runs projects for clients around the world, as well as supervising Australian students in project management.

Ganesh Kumar

Ganesh Kumar: Working from India, delivering value in the UK
16th September

Ganesh is a lead business analyst with 10+ years of experience. He works for a consultancy company in Chennai, India, serving his UK-based client, a major bank. Currently on assignment in the UK, Ganesh will answer questions on working closely across cultures and wide timezones. Ganesh will share some of the nuances that are adopted by him and his colleagues while dealing with clients in a different location. He’ll explain what has made his partnership with his UK based colleagues so effective.

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How did people find the first Virtual Working Summit? Here are some extracts from the feedback:

Great presenters

The Virtual Working Summit was a wonderful learning and networking experience. The speakers were so very knowledgeable. I looked forward each day to listening to the sessions! The summit was an excellent way to learn and connect with other professionals in a convenient and flexible way. Thank you Penny for a great program.

Hard to think of what could make this experience better. Penny’s efforts were outstanding and this summit was more than what I expected.

To be honest, I can’t think of anything to improve for next year! I thought the summit was extremely well organised and the different sessions covered the topic very well. Thank you!

a great start – looking forward to the next one

The summit sessions were excellent. All topics are relevant. For next year, continue to do a great job on selected relevant topics
Great summit sessions !! Speakers are knowledgeable on the topics which makes the session valuable

Excellent concept Penny, and executed perfectly. A significant contribution to raising the profile of virtual working and use of applicable tools. Looking forward to next year already! Dr. Edward Wallington, Programme and Project Manager

Thank you for an engaging set of discussions. John Greenwood PMP. Senior Project Manager.

What went well? Pretty much everything!

Thank you for hosting the Summit. I enjoyed it very much. Carl Sands, PMP – Global Delivery Framework Implementation Team Associate

Excellent idea please make it an annual event. Simon Neale – Project Manager

All the calls I listened to were good. I only didn’t listen to calls if I physically couldn’t make time to listen that day – I would have listened to them all if I could. Very interesting, well co-ordinated and smoothly executed, thank you! Dee Henderson-Small, Consulting Partner, Inspired Partners Ltd.

I liked everyone

The summit was brilliant idea! Hugely useful and encouraging to be able to hear experts on subjects that affect my virtual daily working life. Thank you Penny for organising it all. Peter Sargent, Financial Management Consultant

I liked the speakers – good topics and good coverage of the topics by the speakers. Connie Hayes, PMI-SP

The topics was just what we needed, because we have just started to Work in a new virtual organisation with 17 countries. What went well? The good questions and answers. That the summit was available the whole day and not just the specific time. Jeanette Prang, Learning and Change management consultant

Good event – stimulating idea.

I thought the telephone interviews were very professional, sound quality was excellent and good to be able to listen at any time. A great idea, wonderfully implemented. Carol Sherriff, director and facilitator, Wilson Sherriff

Audio format combined with LinkedIn discussions. Interview topics, practical advice.

I enjoyed ALL of the topics that were presented. I liked the fact that I could dial in at my own convenience. I actually heard my question asked during the summit so I thought that was very cool. I liked that the speakers were from a variety of countries and expertise, but it all tied in together nicely. Penny, this was a fantastic experience for me. Thank you for pulling all of the resources together and for offering us such a fantastic and FREE summit. I am already looking forward to participating next year and hope that since I registered I will be automatically on your email list for notices of same. THANKS SO MUCH! Cheryl D. Oberg, PMP [USA]

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